Monday, November 24, 2008

Good bye for now True Blood. I’ll see you distort book plots this summer

While still a loyal watcher, I was quite ticked off with the season one finale of True Blood. If you haven’t read the books then you may not want to read the rest of this post – it contains spoilers, or maybe not since the show is deviating so much for the books.

Show plot annoyances:
What in the world is the maenad doing? Why is she here early?
Jason turned himself in? (ok, not that bad)
Sookie was attacked in the day, and subsequently,
Bill became the man on fire in his lousy attempt to “save her” (this ticked me off the most)
Sookie isn’t beaten enough to land in the hospital for several days (which wouldn’t be so bad, but it makes certain events left out)
Eric doesn’t send Sookie perverted flowers, or show himself… because that happens at the hospital
Also, what is going on with Bill’s little vampire?
Why leave out the Eric interaction? Key situations are being left out!

Book 2 of the Sookie Stackhouse books, “Living Dead in Dallas” leaves a dead friend (which the finale hinted at) and a trip to Dallas. There is a lot of Eric interaction in book 2. He helps her out by fixing her up and by going to an interesting party with her. I hope they don’t screw up the Eric and Sookie interaction more than they have done so already. (What can I say, I’m Team Eric).

I am happy for Charlaine that the show is such a hit. I just wish the show would follow the book more - and that the show watchers who haven't read the books will pick up the book series. I guess we will have to wait until the summer to see how bad Alan Ball is distorting the series.


Anna said...

I was baffled with Maryann's appearence too. When she actually doesn't show up until book 2 Living Dead in Dallas... Since she is already there, I wonder if they are gonna show the scene where she attacks Sookie. Either way, I'm looking forward to see what they have planned for Season 2

Wicked said...

Yeahhhh with the way they had been deviating I hadn't been so drastically searching for online links for it. Now I'm just going to wait until it's on dvd, and even then I'm sure I won't rush out to get watch it. It's sad when they deviate from the books so much.

Ms. LuluBelle said...

I forgot to add the annoyance of Jason joining the church at the end! I really think Alan Ball is making the show worse! I understand that there needs to be side stories, but some of the changes are just ridiculous!

Jackie said...

I agree! Bill burning in the sun seemed pretty pathetic and I don't like Bill's annoying vampire girl. The show doesn't do the book justice, but I guess the plot changes it keeps us readers guessing.