Saturday, May 8, 2010

Twilight Drinking Games

This is long over-due. Below or some drinking game rules if ever you are forced to watch Twilight or just want to get drunk with a bad movie you can easily make fun of. Lists are compiled through conversation and various other sites.

Remember - never drink and drive and don't drink if you are under the age of when you can legally drink. Be safe folks :)

Twilight Drinking Game: Will need a sober driver or to stay at home

Take a drink every time Bella touches her hair
Take a drink every time Edward looks constipated
Take a drink every time Bella looks constipated
Take a drink every time Edward says he is dangerous
Take a drink every time Bella bites or licks her lips
Take a drink every time Edward and Bella stare into each others eyes for more than 3 seconds
Take a drink every time Bella whines about something
Take a drink every time Bella trips - Take 2 if Edward saves her
Take a drink whenever Alice has a vision
Take a drink whenever Edward treats Bella like a child
Chug your drink when a vampire sparkles - don't stop until the sparkling does/you finish your drink
Take a drink every time Bella quotes a book/person
Take a drink every time Bella says/acts like she can't live without Edward
Take a drink every time Edward says something rude to Bella
Take a drink every time Jacob tries to get Bella's attention

Now, these are obviously just a few things you can drink to. So if you have to watch Twilight, at least be intoxicated and have fun doing so.

Click HERE for another funny drinking game for the Twilight book.
HERE is another Twilight drinking game.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Just got back from San Francisco

Got back this evening from working in San Francisco, so I thought I would include a few San Francisco Vampire links;

The most important vampire link, by far, is to the site of THE vampire tour of San Francisco.

From their site:
Are you a San Francisco history buff? Are you a vampire buff? Did you ever think those 2 subjects would be combined? About 85% of the tour's script is documented San Francisco history. The other 15% - you'll just have to take my word for it. See if you can figure out what the 15% is! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO JOIN IN THE "SPIRIT" OF THE TOUR, AND COME IN COSTUME!!

Want to try something a little sexier and a little darker? Have a night out at one of SF's gothic clubs - maybe the night will have a vampire theme, or maybe you just might find someone who bites...

and if you want to stay in for the night, how about reading up on the famous case of the opium vampire?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Waiting for True Blood?

So if you don't already know, True Blood Season 3 premiers Sunday, June 13th.

If you haven't already watched the Pam and Eric minisode, here it is:

For me it was almost too embarrassing to watch. Some parts were funny though.

The newest Sookie Book - Dead in the Family comes out May 5th. Amazon has it on sale for 10 bucks.

You can read the first chapter here.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!