Monday, November 3, 2008

Is True Blood Going in the Right Direction?

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. Don't forget to send me your vampy pictures! Between wedding stuff, my car breaking down, my phone breaking, and all the other joys of life, I haven't taken the time to voice my opinions on the True Blood series (or much of anything for that matter).

Last night was a bit of a disapointment for me. I understand that the series needs side stories; the show would probably be a bit boring if it was just 100% Sookie and her thoughts, but when is it too much?

In the books Tara was never psychotic, Sam didn't seem so annoying, and Jason didn't seem like such an ass. Character personalities aside, certain events have raised my eyebrows a few times: Tara's mom being alive, Tara and her mom being possessed, Jason's new hippy girlfriend, and Jason and said girl friend kidnapping the vampire. Um... okay. It may be annoying, but I could live with some artisitic interpretation (I guess if I have to). This last episode seriously pissed me off though. Do you know what that was? Any guesses?

Bill had to stake Long Shadow!

It says a lot when Eric stakes Long Shadow, and it says a lot that Bill had to go New Orleans to become higher up in the vampire community so that Eric wouldn't take Sookie. Now Bill is gone because he has to go on trial? Please. I would have preferred it the way it was suppose to be. It seems that all but the first maybe, 3 episodes have wandered quite a bit from the books. I guess the basic plot, in it's most simple nature is still there, but there are important things that are being changed or left out.

I will still watch the show every weekend, but it is starting to be quite disapointing that it is becoming so different from the books.


Judi said...

I pretty much agree with you on every point you made. I get that there have to be side-stories as well, but it almost feels like they spend more time on Jason and psycho Amy than they do on Sookie/Bill/Eric. I'm not happy with that at all.

Also, were you as dissapointed with the casting of Chow as I was? He absolutely does not represent what I had pictured by the descriptions in the books.

I am addicted to the show none-the-less. I am enjoying the lady who plays Pam. She's snarky and funny. Eric is one of my favorites even if he's just standing there looking all menacing and hot! LOL

Ms. LuluBelle said...

Oh yeah, Chow... pretty much all of us watching the show when he came on were like "huh?! What? This is Chow?!"

Pam is good... even though she seems a bit older than she should be. And I am still totally team Eric, even though he isn't getting what he deserves, lol. The bathtub scene was a nice touch though!

Carmen R said...

I agree Bill doing the staking made me so mad. It can really mess with what happens later as well. Later on there is something take happens in the books because of Eric staking long shadow. Also Jason's girlfriend is so annoying. I almost want to turn the show off every time there is a scene with her. Also the relationship with Sam and Tara is a turn off to me. I mean it makes it seem not so special that he is into Sookie. I would think a guy was scum if he claimed to be in love with me but was doing my best friend. I mean ick that's just wrong.

Ms. LuluBelle said...

Yeah, Jason's girlfriend is really annoying. I hope they kick her out really soon. Everytime there is a scene with her I'm just totally lost. The whole Tara and Sam thing is annoying too. Sam in the show seems more annoying period.