Monday, May 11, 2009


So I finally got the book! In less than 2.5 hours I was happy but sad that I was done and have year to wait for the next one! I think Charlaine Harris' latest Southern Vampire Book - Dead and Gone may be my favorite yet.

There are quite a few bad reviews of the book though - they say Harris rushed to much through the plot and didn't really linger on things that should be given more attention... this might be true but that's the kind of reader I am so I didn't mind. This book was a lot less "what the heck is going on" than the previous book though.

Loved the book though! Still completely Team Eric! No offense to Bill Lovers - but Sookie needs to get over him and vice-versa, haha.

OHHHH Yeah - and if you haven't seen them, here are the trailor/sneak peak to the next season of True Blood:
The Sneak Peak... which I am already a bit pissed off about - I will let you be the judge of that though:

True Blood Season 2 Sneak Peek

The Trailor for season 2:
True Blood Season 2 Trailer

Air date is June 14th.... but of course the books are a million times better.

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sundcarrie said...

Loved the trailers thanks! I am really disappointed in the direction True Blood has taken but I try to watch it as a separate entity, because my husband likes the show too. Just so long as I keep saying it is not the book it is just tv I am okay.

I have the book you reviewed at home it is on my long to be read list