Saturday, November 7, 2009

Almost undead these last couple of days

Excuse the absence - I have been sick in bed these last couple of days and completely useless.

I have several things coming up, including a review of Bound to Shadows and of Blood Ties Season 2.

You would think I would have more time being home sick, but all I have accomplished is watching the Office Season 4 and part of the first season of Psych - which has already had 4 actors that also appeared in Blood Ties.

Diary of an Amateur Vampirologist posted a funny video on his Blog... check out the video below:

And, on a completely non-blog related note, if you are an Etsy or a Jewelry buyer or seller, I would appreciate if you could fill out my survey - just 10 questions, should take you 5 minutes.

Thanks :)

Monday, November 2, 2009

I think I just may be a vampire book whore...

Excuse me for the language... but I have been thinking about my literary choices recently. It turns out I am easily pleased, even with bad books. There are not a lot of vampire books I have read and enjoyed, even those that I have "hated". Even though some of these books were extremely stereotypical, shallow, and predictable I was kept entertained.

So does this make me a vampire book whore or a vampire book glutton? Or maybe just a fan of vampire romance? Actually... I don't think I am ready to come to terms with that last question.

Give me a vampire book with a female protagonist, a mystery to be solved, a little action, a hunky tortured vampire, and a little sex and I am pretty much satisfied.... yikes I'm easy.

It seems that as long as I can use the story line and the hot vamp as "fantasy" material I am a happy camper and will keep on reading the book. *Grimace*

Or maybe my love of vampire books is similar to that of some people's love of reality TV? Or Soap Operas?

Or perhaps more accurately; junk food. It tastes so good, yet it's just so bad for you.