Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Pam the Vampire

Bloodcopy has a video up about an interview Pam, the vampire from Baton Rouge. Is this suppose to be the Pam that works for Eric in Shreveport? If so, she is far better dressed than what she wears in the Sookie Stackhouse books... or maybe she just finished working at the bar.

If you have read this blog you know I love the Sookie Stackhouse series, but sometimes I seriously question Charlaine Harris' style. She has dressed Pam in a Navy jumpsuit with green piping and brown loafers (wtf?), an outfit that was pink pants and a pink sweater (probably pink socks too) and other horrible fashion atrocities. Here is where you can see the discussion about the crazy outfits. Some people are totally for the Talbot wearing vampire. Yes, you can find some nice stuff on their website, but never pink mom jeans! And please don't match your pants in the same color as your sweater! Just say no to pants like this together with a shirt like this. I love cardigans, but not with the same color pants! It's not like I am a fashion expert or fashion snob or anything, but don't dress them like old ladies!

Pam may be old, but she's not an old lady. Just say no!

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Anyways: Here is the video.

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