Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Addressing the Twilight vs. True Blood ( and Vampire Kisses) for the Last Time...

I'm writing this because each week I am amazed to see the amount of people that are brought to this blog by searching for the following:
  • similarities between twilight and true blood
  • twilight vs true blood
  • twilight vs sookie
  • which came first twilight or sookie stackhouse
  • twilight copied sookie stackhouse novels
  • twilight or sookie
  • sookie stackhouse vs. twilight
  • twilight copied vampire kisses

Each week there is a ton of new searches, sooooo I figured I would make all the Sookie, True Blood, Twilight, and Vampire Kisses accessible in one entry (listed newest to oldest):

What Stephen King has to say about Meyer

Charlaine Harris, author of the Sookie Books comments on book similarities

Twilight and True Blood Spoofs

Comparing Twilight, True Blood, Sookie, and other vampire Books

True Blood vs. Sookie Books

Is True Blood going in the Right Direction?

Bill and Eric Cookies

True Blood Episode 4 Review

True Blood Episode 2 Review

Twilight vs. True Blood

True Blood Pictures and Videos

True Blood Trailer

True Blood Pilot Episode Changes

True Blood Pilot Review

Vampire Commercials

Vampire Kisses vs. Twilight

Pam the Vampire

True Blood coming soon!

I love the Sookie Books

Thanks and Enjoy!

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