Friday, March 6, 2009

For old time's sake, and because it's Friday...

You can't get much better than that. David Boreanaz - my first celeb obsession. If I didn't have any pride or self-esteem at all I would show you a picture of me in middle school posing in front of my wall (yes a whole bedroom wall) dedicated to the shrine that was David Boreanaz. I literally had hundreds of pictures I scoured from any source I could find... ah the good'ol days.

Apparently I have been in the dark this week, because Vampire Wire and guest blogger Amanda Ashby were enjoying a Naked David Boreanaz week and the importance of said nude male. Here is an excerpt from the conclusion of Naked David Boreanaz Week:

Naked David Boreanaz symbolizes our aspirations and dreams, our hopes and fears, and our humanity. NDB is fluffy kittens and hugs, and it's also dark and dangerous. Sometimes it's Angel, and sometimes it's Angelus, but it's always fantabulous.Naked David Boreanaz is an ideal, the standard by which all others are measured. Sure, some fail miserably, but then there are those moments of dazzling, sparkly Naked David Boreanaz in all our lives.



Wendy said...

Hi there!

You've won an award! Visit my blog for the details - no idea how to do a link in a comment form! Sorry :)

Dan said...

I had an obssesion similar to yours, but it was with James Marsters, Spike <3 =)

Lindsay said...

I think Spike is definitely worthy!