Friday, May 7, 2010

Just got back from San Francisco

Got back this evening from working in San Francisco, so I thought I would include a few San Francisco Vampire links;

The most important vampire link, by far, is to the site of THE vampire tour of San Francisco.

From their site:
Are you a San Francisco history buff? Are you a vampire buff? Did you ever think those 2 subjects would be combined? About 85% of the tour's script is documented San Francisco history. The other 15% - you'll just have to take my word for it. See if you can figure out what the 15% is! PLEASE FEEL FREE TO JOIN IN THE "SPIRIT" OF THE TOUR, AND COME IN COSTUME!!

Want to try something a little sexier and a little darker? Have a night out at one of SF's gothic clubs - maybe the night will have a vampire theme, or maybe you just might find someone who bites...

and if you want to stay in for the night, how about reading up on the famous case of the opium vampire?

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