Thursday, August 26, 2010

Bitter Things

If you remember, some time ago I listened to a radio interview with Andrew Valentine, author of Bitter Things a novel of love, sex, memory, and blood. I was intrigued by Valentine's theories on vampires so I was interested in reading his new vampire book.

Michelle and Scott are a married couple, very much in love, despite Scott's baggage from his childhood. One night they decide to take things to the next level: they invite a beautifully seductive woman to share their bed. Mysteriously, Scott and the woman are no where to be found when Michelle wakes up.

Michelle will stop at nothing to find Scott, but is Scott strong enough to survive the evil that has taken him?

Bitter Things is not your typical frilly vampire romance. It's not just a sappy love story with fangs. Bitter Things explores the deepest and darkest corners of dark desires and control. Torture, sex, control and sacrafice; what would you do for the one you love?

Bitter Things also differs from various romance novels in the fact that it has substance, gritty, dark substance. The plot does not take you on a crash course in "love at first sight, sex, fight, sex, happy ending" there is much more involved in the story line.

I honestly had trouble reading through it quickly, or even getting through some parts of it at all. I was angry and frustrated at characters and events and some parts I thought were even a little frightening and disturbing. This book was a nice break from the usual sugary-sweet books I have been reading.

I thought the book was a quality dark erotic thriller. The storyline and characters were all well thought out and well executed. You won't find puppy dogs and prince charming vampires in this story.

Michelle must work hard to find Scott, and Scott has to work even harder to keep himself. Will they find a miracle to be together once again? Will their love concur evil? You must read Bitter Things yourself to find out!

Don't forget to check out Valentine's awesome Bitter Things Website as well.

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