Monday, May 26, 2008

Dear Thief,

To the second person who broke into my car within a week,,

How are you today? I assume that you are now the proud owner of an emergency car kit and a stack of random vampire books from various positions in their series. Yes, I had not repaired the little broken window in the backseat, but was it really worth going through my car again?Perhaps you were not the one who broke into my poor car the first time, perhaps you just saw the opportunity and said "what the heck? What do I have to lose?"

I suppose you did not find anything in my glove compartment or my center consol; with a broken window I figured I shouldn't keep any of my valuable in there. Maybe if you were smart enough (or conniving enough) you could possibly try and steal my identity with the assortment of paperwork jammed into the small space. But no, you decided to steal my bag of books... you might be able to get a few bucks for each of them, considering they are all the newer books in their series, but the resale of popular fiction isn't too high.

You did take advantage of the opportunity to go through my trunk though. I will miss that car kit. I am sure someday in the near future I will need my jumper cables, or the little miracle called "liquid wrench" and I will be out of luck. I hope you have fun playing with that flare though. I have one question that confuses me: why didn't you close my trunk all the way? It looked closed, but as I drove down the street I looked in my rearview mirror to see nothing but the white hood of my car. Why not close it all the way?

What is a bit funny to me, however, is that you missed the actual "big ticket items." Those 3 science books in my trunk are probably worth more than the stereo that was stolen in the first place. You are probably uneducated and do not realize how much text book companies are gouging poor students, but if you were to steal something and had opportunity to resale on the internet, those books would have been a better steal than the half dozen vampire books. Also, you missed something very valuable, to which I am quite thankful; my ATM card that had fallen out of my pocket some time last week. The little piece of plastic money was halfway underneath my seat, accompanying the various pens and items that had been thrown out of the center divider. Glad you didn't find that one!

So, second person who broke into my car within a week, perhaps you are the tweaker lady who lives behind me, or you are no druggie at all, perhaps you are a someone who was just too curious for their own good; I hope you enjoy what was left of my car kit (a ratty case, jumper cables, liquid wrench, and a flare). I also hope you enjoy books 4 and 6 of the Kim Harrison's Rachel Morgan series, book 3 of Stephanie Myer's Twilight Saga, book 3 of Jennifer Rardin's Jaz Parks books, and book 3 of Jennifer Armintrout's Blood Ties Series. These books were pretty good when read in order, I bet they will be awesome by themselves.

Happy reading and don't burn yourself on that flare!

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