Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Some people are just jerks... and I had nothing to do with it

Sooo this weekend my car was broken into (for the 3rd time!). Of course they took my cd player. Luckily they only broke my small back window and didn't take anything else. The crazy thing is, I got home at about 3 am.

So, let's list all the things that have happened to my car that I have not had a thing to do with:

  • My hubcaps were stolen (they were stock, cheap hubcaps)
  • The basketball hoop fell onto my hood (left a nasty deep gash in the side and scraped the front)
  • My dear brother's friend drove the front right side into a gate (no light cover on there now)
  • I have fire damage (the apartments/cars across from mine were on fire. My back right side is melted - but the light still works!)
  • There has been a hit and run twice (I have a good size dent on the right back side, and a good scrap on the bottom left. I was in the car for the second one! Some old lady who couldn't drive hit me. Then waved and drove off).
  • Then lets add my cd player being taken for the 3rd time!

I mean really people. I am now driving around a battered poor little car. I need a new one.

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