Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Review of Episodes 3-5 of the Korean Vampire Drama Mini-Series

So I finally fit into my busy schedule a girl’s night in with my friend Nichole to finishing watching Freeze without the boys (Marc actually hid in his room to avoid watching it). You can view the review of episodes 1-2 here.

While we were still a bit confused throughout the last three episodes, it started making much more sense. There was also a lot of squealing on my part – lots of “oh my goodness” girl noise-making in reaction to awkward situations between the brazen and blunt young Ji Woo and the quiet depressed vampire Lee Suh-Jin . Nichole and I also shared a lot of wide-eyed looks.

The dramatic mini-series isn’t full of action or hair-raising events per se; mostly awkward situations in which we felt embarrassed for the characters or certain events we couldn’t believe were happening (finally).

In episodes 3-5 the relationship between Lee Suh-Jin and Ji Woo starts to develop into something more real and definable. Lee Suh-Jin must either listen to his sire Ihwa tell him to forget about loving a mortal, or follow his heart and love Ji Woo who is so desperately trying to be loved. He also must still face the ghost of his lost love (Ji Woo's mother), come to terms with the stipulations of his immortality, and learn to find peace and contentment in the life he has now.

The killer who has been draining the blood of women must be found and dealt with before the cops find the killer and realize he is a real vampire and Ihwa must deal with Lee Suh-Jin loving a mortal over her.

The episodes are quiet long, but I enjoyed the series. I wish it was an on-going show, but it is not. I would definitely recommend it though. It can be slow at times, but it is also funny and unique.

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