Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Non-Vampire Spam "Poems"

This has nothing to do with vampires or the paranormal, but I had to post this somewhere. These are four "poems" that came from spam email that didn't make it to my filter....

But to act in it. And since our pilgrim's meal i like mrsdolly, said gatty, thoughtfully she and had kicked it intothe gutter as though it design renders it difficult to forma conclusion then it suddenly struck me that the man might.

Happiness. Even the earthly wealth he earns becomes fun,and i'll pay, of course. Let's have a last sheiling tillthe morning. I will not! Hamish proof that mr. Butler wasconcerned in the disappearance century nor were its nineteenchapels, the works.

The mailclad footsoldiers, there was none that the objectthat has brought me here is to acquire of gold are saidto be givers of all things Indeed, paradou. 'look at it!ah! It is your eyes that much about emancipation as is knownto thee, o.

He that is well suited to the offerings made unto remainedin them with a soul that had lost all ones, children, anddiverse kinds of bliss, will ii. 81. For the epicurean friendshipscf. Esp. Bravely with the huge billows, but not making.

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