Thursday, May 7, 2009

Don't You Hate It When Life Gets in the Way?

I hang my head in shame thinking of how much I have abandoned this blog as of late.
I also have to wait until Friday or Saturday to Dead and Gone .... which I am quite sad about.
I didn't think being married would take up so much of my time; foolish I know.
I do have some treats coming up though!
Stay tuned for a chance to win some True Blood jewelry that I am in the process of finishing.
Are you team Bill or Eric?
And.... to leave you with something that disturbed and confused me (from Flickr Lurkr)
View the whole photo stream here.


Dracenea said...

That is a very bizarre pic. Hmm.

I'm gonna' have to go with Team Bill for now. We'll see what season 2 brings.

Lindsay said...

Oh Dracenea! I'm am all for Eric .... book Eric though. TV show Eric practically got cut from the story line.

Wicked said...

Haven't seen all of TrueBlood yet.. waiting for the dvds to come out. But I know from the books I'm totally Team Eric.

Dracenea said...

From what I've seen on Vampire Wire's blog, a ton of people love Eric so you're definitely not alone. I'm just not that into blondes! : )

sundcarrie said...

That is a strange pic.
I am team Eric, Bill is a jerk so is Eric but at least he doesn't lie about it.