Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Blood Ties Season 1 complete Review

Last week I actually finished season 1 of Blood Ties and watched some more vampire goodness which I have yet to write about... coming soon I promise.

My brother wanted us to wait to finish the episodes so that he could watch them with us, so that right there ought to count for something. Some of the episodes were a little cheesy, Celucci is still annoying, but there were still funny and entertaining.

The last episode of the season didn't seem like the last episode at all. We actually went through the menu to make sure there wasn't something we missed... season finale material it was not. My brother and husband both argue that the theme song is something from the 80's but I kept singing it half the night anyways (or was that the reason?).

So will season 2 come to disc? I hope so .... mainly because I want Henry to finally hook up with Vicki (you can cut the tension with a knife!)

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Anne said...

Blood Ties was conceived as a series consisting of 22 episodes, and thus episode 13 wasn't planned to be a season finale.

And yes, there's a date for the release of "season two" - Amazon says October 6.