Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Blood Ties TV Series Review Episodes 1-8

Since I don’t have cable we finally broke down and got Netflix – which I am kind of excited about that fact that you can stream videos and TV shows from your computer as part of the package. But this isn’t a Netflix promotion; I only mention it because I received the first two disks of Blood Ties in the mail yesterday.

As mentioned before, I have read the Tanya Huff Blood series and enjoyed the books. I was glad to hear that the first season of Blood Ties had come to DVD on the second of this month. We watched both discs last night (8 episodes) and I would say it was pretty good.

My 21 year old brother, husband, and myself stayed up past our bedtimes last night to finish the discs that we had (thank goodness we didn’t have the 3rd of 4th disc or we would be quite tired this morning). We all enjoyed the episodes and didn’t want to stop the series to go to bed.

The first two episodes, appropriately titled “Blood Ties Part 1” and “Blood Ties Part 2” follow the first book – also named Blood Ties pretty accurately; there are some details a bit different (like how Henry is a graphic novel author and not a romance author as in the book) but overall it was pretty exact. I think that because the show debuted on Lifetime it toned down the book sex because there was really no sex in the TV series (unlike the book, where it is pretty modest, but still present), which can be a breath of fresh air to the overdone and sexed up HBO vampire show.

Unfortunately, only episode 1 and 2 were from the book. All the other episodes are non-book inspired – but entertaining none the less. I did have Henry pictured a bit different in my mind and all of us agreed that Celluci is too annoying, but we thought the series was overall pretty good and pretty funny too.

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