Thursday, June 5, 2008

All Soul's Night - Jennifer Armintrout

All Soul’s Night – the 4th book in Jennifer Armintrout’s “Blood Ties” Series came out earlier this week. Carrie and Nathan must go back home to take care of the Soul Eater once and for all. Carrie and Nathan’s relationship is on rocky ground in the beginning of the book, as Carrie is getting over Cyrus’s death and Nathan leaves her to find his son.

Soon after, Carrie, Nathan, and Max are joined with a new face and some old one’s as they prepare to kill the Soul-Eater, expecting to die in battle. Nearly all the characters are faced with sacrifices and threats as they have to choose actions that benefit the common good.

Jennifer Armintrout’s vampire books differ from the usual in several different ways. There are narratives of the vampires themselves; the main hero is not a human in love with a vampire, she’s a vampire in love with her sire. The books are also more about horror and gore than most others; gorey details are still a part of the Blood Ties series, so don’t expect a light and fluffy read. Major bodily harm, blood, death and sex will still be found. I also like how Armintrout switches the point of view of the narrarator with the main characters.

I won’t spoil the ending and say if I cried or everything was “happily ever after” but I will say that I doubt there will be a 5th book.

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