Thursday, June 26, 2008

Camp, Santa Cruz, and Latin

Just to reiterate: camp was awesome. I met a lot of awesome people too. I helped be a pirate for the senior casino night, went swimming with the little ones, beat the other counselors at go-cart races, made smoothies at the pool party, and helped serve food at the water slides. I also had a lot of fun with all of the counselors and staff after the kids went to sleep. I hope I am still with the foundation and can go next year. If so, I hope to maybe get certified as a lifegaurd so I can stay all week. That would be awesome.

Oh, and although it loses some of it's humor being written... the best joke ever...

"Why is the brown chicken and the brown cow the hottest couple on the farm?"
"brownchicken browncow" (to the toon of "bowchicca wow wow).

After spending the week in the sun, and then Thursday at the waterslides I was craving the beach, so Saturday afternoon Marc and I decided to go to Santa Cruz. There are closer beaches, but my aunt and cousin were staying there and said we could stay in the hotel with them, so we headed over. Sunday we spend all afternoon at the beach and I got the oddest sunburn. I am burned in patches throughout my body, I don't know, go figure. Although i was stupid enough to not put on enough sunscreen. "oh yeah, I can go 5 hours in the hot sun at the beach with just one application of 30 spf suntan lotion and not get burned" - right... We had fun though.

Yesterday I had my first Latin "class." Nichole and I decided to take Latin for fun at the local adult school. Hopefully it will be a fun and educational experience. The class isn't very structured, which takes some getting use to since we are straight out of college.

This also means I haven't read in a while!

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