Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Midnight Brunch - Casa Dracula Book 2

Midnight Brunch - Milagro Book 2

It’s been about a year since we last heard from Milagro. She is still living with her “not vampire” friends. Oswald's parents and other family members are coming to attend a secret family ceremony that Mil is not allowed to see. The other family members don’t care for her at all and Oswald is about to leave town. Soon after, a rogue family member is trying to do some crazy stuff to Mil and she ends up hiding in the desert.

The first part of the book drove me crazy. Mil embodies the typical female character that always has to be involved in everything, can’t take the word of those she cares for, makes stupid decisions that put herself and others in danger, and doesn’t tell people key information that would help her later. I know this helps to move the plot along.

The middle-end of the book I thought was very entertaining. We meet a few interested characters and are re-aquainted with some charming characters from the first book as well. I probably enjoyed this book more than the first one. Yes, she and others are in danger and may be killed or harmed again, but what type of story would it be if there was no danger?

Midnight brunch also had me laughing out loud. I was a little torn on who Mil should actually end up with. In books I tend to not vote for the “nice guy.” I’m still interested in reading the third one though, which comes out in September.

I would definitely recommend these books!

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