Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Goals for the New Year and Coming Soon

When the year ends and January comes around many people give in to the tradition of creating New Year resolutions. I generally don’t make new resolutions for the year. I set goals (or usually “wish lists”) through out the year and sometimes I work towards these goals, sometimes they fall off my priority list. In the spirit of starting off the year with lots of changes, I though I would write some reading/blogging goals and wish lists for the year 2009.

I would like to read at least 100 books for the year
Blog at least 3 times a week
Watch at least 5 vampire related movies
Finish Dracula and The Vampyre

Wish list:
Varney the Vampire
Dance of the Vampire - (to watch)
To watch Let the Right One In. I was hoping it was still playing when I was in Southern California last week, but it wasn't.

Books I’ve requested at the library or that I need to buy:
One More Bite- Book 5 of the Jaz Parks Series which came out January 5th - I was gone on vacation and I haven't had a chance to buy it!
In my waiting list at the library:
Feast of Fools – Morganville Vampires Book 4
Vampire Academy
Vampire Diaries
Raven Hart's vampire series

Coming soon:
If you haven't already read it, Charlaine Harris' first chapter to Dead and Gone is up on her site. Read it here.
White Witch Black Curse- Book 7 of the Rachel Morgan books comes out February 2009
Bone Crossed - Book 4 of Mercy Thompson Series Comes out February 2009
As Shadows Fade - Book 5 of the Gardella Vampire Chronicals comes out March 2009
Dead and Gone - Book 9 of the Sookie Series comes out in May 2009
Royal Blood - Book 6 of Vampire kisses comes out May 2009
Skin Trade - Book 17 of Anita Blake Books June 2009
Royal Kisses - Vampire Kisses Book 6 comes out Summer 2009
While on Laurell K. Hamilton's site I saw this Penny Arcade comic posted on her news and updates. At least she has a sense of humor about it.

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