Monday, January 12, 2009

Movie Reviews: The Fearless Vampire Killers and Club Vampire - The good and the bad

I just got back from my honeymoon -it was nice to be away for a week with beautiful weather and lovely company, but it did lack some vampire action, haha. I managed to finish watching The Fearless Vampire Killers last night. You can view lots of screen shots here.

Summary from Amazon:

One of Roman Polanski's more overt comedies, this 1966 monster spectacle stars Jack MacGowran and Polanski as a clunky but heroic pair of vampire killers. Called upon to rescue the beautiful and buxom daughter (Sharon Tate) of an innkeeper from a Draculalike bloodsucker, the duo muddle through all sorts of scrapes, the most intense being a scene in which a room full of dancing vampires realize the human interlopers are the only ones in the room who are reflected in a mirror. Scary and funny, the film has some unforgettable set pieces, a terrific score, one of the few records of Tate's extraordinary beauty, and vibrant performances. Not exactly Polanski in a relaxed mode, but clear evidence of his estimable skills as a director of both brilliance and polish. --Tom Keogh

I thought this classic 1967 film was quite funny. I did have to turn the English subtitles because the sound wasn't too good. The movie is quirky and odd and once I could at least read what the characters were saying, I enjoyed it. Sharon Tate is beautiful in the movie and the Vampire son and the proffesor's sidekick added plenty of hilarity.

The musical Dance of the Vampires was adapted from this movie. I would love to see the musical - some of it is on youtube, but I would love to watch it at least on DVD if not in person.

I also attempted to watch Club Vampire... and I say "attempted" because I only got through about 6 minutes (if that) of it. The DVD cover doesn't look to bad, but it was truly awful. I have a knack for renting horrible movies, just ask my brother or husband or mother.

This is what happened during the part I watched: Main guy with lame lip ring (I like lip rings, but this one looked horrible) is sitting on the beach watching the sunset - he has been practicing to try and see as much of the sun as he can, then maybe he "will feel human." He has been watching a human who sleeps during the day and watches the sunset as well, his incredible insight is "maybe she is lonely too." She works at a strip club.

The strip club scene is interesting - about 10 people on stage, most of them clothed, one riding a fat guy in bondage gear. The gal I just mentioned is wearing some sort of glittery skirt and mesh shirt - she dances odd, doesn't take anything off, and the vampire guy watches her from the rafters. A female vampire is interested in her and pays her maybe 200 dollars for some alone time. They make out and mess around a bit, she mixes their blood without the human knowing and then kills her by doing something with a knife when she goes down on her.... um yeah.

The main vampire guy comes in now, and yells at the vampire girl, some horrible writing and acting occurs and my husband turns it off; which I am grateful.

I wouldn't suggest attempting to watch it - unless you have to bring a bad movie to a party, then this may be a good choice.

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BecJosh said...

I really enjoyed The Fearless Vampire Killers too and have recently bought a copy of my own from eBay. I must say, the recent escalation in vampire books and movies bores me, although my favourite mythical character is the Vampire. The media has destroyed the vampire image. They sparkle now? Hah! Charming. I'd rather the sexy heart-throb that actually does the vampire-at-night-blood-sucking thing. It's more ... sinister, and better entertainment.