Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Review of Episode 1-2 of Freeze - a Korean Vampire Mini-Drama

Friday, thanks to Nichole, I had an opportunity to watch Freeze, a Korean vampire TV drama. Friday we watched episodes 1-2 (of 5). Lee Suh-Jin is a angsty vampire who owns a classy wine bar with fellow vampire (and sire?) Ihwa. He is tired of living and having to sustain himself by drinking blood. He is uninterested in living or being happy again. He is a few hundreds years old and trying to get over his true love who he recently found out has died. When he makes an appearance at her funeral he runs into his love’s teenage daughter Ji Woo who is dealing with issues of her own.

Lee Suh-Jin and Ji Woo cross paths again and this time Ji Woo tries to warm his heart and get him to open up. Ihwa becomes quite left out and blood supplies run short while a killer is draining the blood of it’s victims.

Because this mini-series is in Korean with English subtitles it was a little hard to understand exactly what was going on (is she his sire? Is her mother his old love? Does he think she is her daughter?). We think we have it figured out after watching the third episode.

I enjoyed it, I think Nichole enjoyed it as well, our husbands – not so much. Freeze is like a soap opera (doesn’t seem as cheesy because it’s subtitled) and the only way you know they are vampires is because they have to drink some blood/wine mixture. They can go out into the light, you don’t see any fangs, and you don’t really see them bite anyone either. The boys wanted more action and less angst.

The young girl annoyed me throughout most of the show. She is about 17 and acts like a monkey sometimes – grabbing things, touching things, not letting go of things, etc. We also go back and forth in the beginning whether he thinks she is his daughter or if they see each other in a romantic sort of way, which I think will play out in episode 4. Buffy and Angel had a big age difference right?

Freeze was different than the other vampire TV shows and movies I have seen recently so I was glad to spend a few hours watching it. It’s a little slow moving, with not a lot (or none at all) action. I look forward to watching the rest of the episodes (without the boys).

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