Monday, September 21, 2009

True Blood Season 2: Delayed but Here

Yes I am a slacker – but I don’t have HBO (let alone cable) so I have to mooch off the few (2 people) that I know have HBO… which isn’t easy. So this weekend I vegged out at my dad’s house and caught up, watching episodes 7-12.

So here’s what happened (and what didn’t happen in the book) – spoilers.

Fellowship of the Sun try to kill Sookie and Eric… and Godric and Bill, and then Jason (partially book plot oriented – Sookie escapes with the help of a were who has infiltrated the system, causing more drama. PS. Godric is not a hero in the book, he is an ancient child molestor or something)

Texas vampires come to kick-ass – Godric stops anything from happening and everyone goes home… Texas vampires have a party (never happened in the book)

Jason’s FoS rival acts as a suicide bomber and stops the vamp party (partially book oriented – was a fire fight, not a bomb)

Eric tricks Sookie to sucking silver out of him (in the book it was a bullet)

Mary Ann gets people into more trouble (Mary Ann character is nothing like the book)

Sam gets framed for murder (not in the book, nor is the following)

Mary Ann possessed the whole town

Hoyt and new vampire girl get into a fight (this plot isn’t in the book at all either)

Sookie gets captured

We meet Sophie-Ann – Queen of Louisiana, apparently an avid Yahtzee fan.

Bill and Sam find a way to kill Sophie Ann

Poor Sam

Miss new vampire is getting herself into trouble

Bill and Sookie go on a date

Bill proposes

Bill gets kidnapped.

Being an big Charlain Harris/Sookie Book fan I was PISSED about the ending – thought is was absolutely stupid. Bill should not be proposing… they break up in the book! Book 3 in the series does have Bill being kidnapped though. It should be interesting how season 3 goes!

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