Thursday, March 20, 2008

For Some Reason I Feel the Need to Explain

Today, while feeling embarrassed/ashamed about my recent interest in vampire fiction I thought about why I am on vampire book kick. I think I have come up with a few reasons.

1) It’s like junk food. It may not be great for you, but it usually tastes good and everyone once and while it might have some nutrition to it.

2) I’m bored. I am in need of some adventure. I just graduated college, I am working at a decent but boring job, nothing new in any other areas of my life. It’s an escape of sorts.

3) I like day dreaming. I have an avid imagination. I am in an almost constant state of day dreaming. I am not really in the mood about fantasizing about more serious/realist concerns.

4) I am not in the mood for drama or real life. I have read some great books that deal with the everyday struggles of life and death, but I am just not in the mood to read something dramatic or emotional. I want something light and unrealistic please.

5) Maybe I’m still a little burned out. Maybe. Part of it may be because I have been so burned out from school and I don’t want anything educational at the moment… I don’t know how strong this reason holds true.

6) It’s hard to find a book to enjoy. Or I am too lazy to find a good book? If I stick to reading all vampire-related books, there really isn’t much change. They all have the same similar story: feisty chicks, sexy vampire, some danger, maybe a touch of romance… maybe not, some mystery, some danger; either way the plot doesn’t vary too much.

7) It's a quick read. I read most of them in about 4 hours or so. Some less some more.

I also have to question why do I feel embarrassed/ashamed about my recent vampire kick? And why do I feel the need to explain my actions?

I am not quite sure. Maybe I fear that someone will stumble upon these musings and think I am some goth, weirdo, wannabe with no life and a low IQ.

Well you know what? I should not worry about such things. I can waste my time as I want. At least I am having fun with it. At least I am reading. Reading anything is better than nothing, right? Yes? Maybe? Possibly?

I need to go to the library, some of the books I requested finally came in. Which is a good thing, because the only thing I have left is a paranormal romance… not the bodice ripper ones, more like the ones for the feminine, non-reader types.

I am also quite curious how many books I can read throughout the year and more specifically, how many vampire books I can read in one year.

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