Monday, March 10, 2008

Yes, it is Monday

Ah yes Monday, the start of a new week. It is also one of the most hated days. My Monday has not been too bad. I actually did a bit of work so far today. As the week goes on my desire to be somewhere other than work grows but my hope for the weekend also increases, so I guess they cancel each other out in some wierd way.

I am out of good books at the moment. This weekend I read three vampire books... which were quite sappy, not very entertaining, and pretty shallow. The light girly romances do not interest me. Some of them were a little funny, but they were more a waste of my time than anything else, especially the Vegas Vampire books. Let me summarize the plot for you: girl meets guy, guys thinks she's sexy, girl thinks he's attractive too, but she "hates" him. They fight back and forth, not knowing that each one actually "loves" each other. Then finally they cave in and have sex. The next day (or that night) they profess their love to each other and soon get married... vowing to spend all eternity together. And all of this occurs within a week and there is usually some danger to one, the other or both while this is happening. Oh, and the chick is usually damaged in some way; i.e. parents died when young, lived on the streets, was molested, etc.

This plot is actually fairly popular in many books. These 2 books, and the only other vampire romance I have read follow these guidelines. I am leaning towards the assumption that most romances follow this sequence. I don't read many romances, but it is no suprise that they don't follow a very good story, and the characters differ less than the descriptions used to describe male genitalia.

I half-heartedly made a goal to read all the vampire fiction out there (there is A LOT though). But that would also have to include those trashy romance novels; which I have little to no desire to read. I think if I was to commit to the goal it would be cheating to define all the details; but it is my goal so I could do what I want. Who knows. It's not like one of those things I would put on a resume under awards and acheivements (read all 10091348039... vampire books). I think that would just let anyone who found out about such thing think I was a bit crazy, and had no life. Maybe I will file this thought under "things that should not be shared with others." It will go right there next to "What I thought Fiddler on the Roof was actually about" and "How I remember which value is which concerning nickels and dimes."

Further proof that I am a geek/dork/nerd/weirdo/loser (I am not sure which one matches better... I am going to pretend it's not the loser label); I am thrilled (let me reiterate; I am SUPER thrilled) about the 8th Sookie Sackhouse book coming out. The first chapter to From Dead to Worse is up on her site.

If you read it, don't judge to harshly... we have history. I seriously got a bit giddy over being able to read it (getting a bit giddy just thinking about it actually). Maybe I should file that comment away too. Actually, maybe I should rename this blog. I may be decieving myself and/or others that this blog is actually about planning a wedding and not someones hobby of reading vampire books.

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