Monday, March 31, 2008

I Gotta Dance

I haven't been in reading mode the last week or two. I have been waiting to get books I requested at the library and I have been playing Guitar Hero. I haven't finished the 2 none-vampire books I mentioned in the last post.

This weekend a lot of my books finally came in. I was fairly busy, since Marc came up and we went out with friends, but I did manage to read one yesterday.

Nichole and I have been looking for a good place to go dancing. We really like Aqua Shi... but that is 2 hours away where my family is at. We tried out Roe this weekend. It was okay. It was nice inside, but the DJ wasn't very good, the dance floor was smaller, it was more expensive, and although it is in a nice part of town and there are a lot of rich people there; most of them weren't too "classy." Aqua Shi is nice too, but it doesn't have the majority of people dancing/looking like they are having sex.

We are going to have to find another club to go to. Nichole and I have taken a liking to going dancing and Marc is always mentioning the Dane Cook skit about dancing.

Here it is:

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