Monday, September 22, 2008

Contest Entries So far

Win When Twilight Burns Book 4 Of the Gardella Vampire Chronicles by Colleen Gleason. I also have a few more vampire goodies to add to the prize!

Comment me or email me either suggestions of vampire books I should read (that I have not read yet) or a song you think would belong on a vampire playlist.

Contest will end Monday, September 29th.

Here are a few entries so far:

Rev 22:20 (Dry Martini Mix specifically) by Puscifer
The Root of All Evil by Abney Park
We Ate Eachother by The Robot Ate Me
Oh Oh Oh Sexy Vampire by Fright Ranger
If I was your vampire by Marilyn Manson

Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith
Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz
Vampire Beach by Alex Duval
Bloodsucking Fiends and You Suck by Christopher Moore
Otherworldlies by Jennifer Anne Kogler
City of Bones series by Cassandra Clare
I am Legend (the book, not the movie!!) by Richard Matheson
House of Night series by P.C. Kristen Cast
Peeps and the Last Days by Scott Westerfeld
Vampire High by Douglass Rees
Raven Hart's Savannah Vampire series. First one is The Vampire's Seduction
The Historian

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Daelith said...

Have you tried Raven Hart's Savannah Vampire series yet? First one is The Vampire's Seduction.