Friday, September 19, 2008

Vampy Tiger Army Lyrics

In the spirit of the Tiger Army concert I will be attending tomorrow, here are some of their lyrics that can be interpreted to be a bit vampy...

Lyrics to Santa Carla Twilight :
Watch the moonrise tonight
The ocean looms past bonfires alight
I am a stranger in this place
And when I see you, I can't turn away

Under this beach lie pirate bones
We stand above them, at long last alone
There's something different in your heart
You're not afraid of the darkness within us all

And we kiss, in the Santa Carla twilight
On the beach, under a Santa Carla moon
I am lost - but I've found you in my arms
And my heart is blacker than the dark ocean

Eternity... belongs to us
Eternally... lasts our love
If you want forever close your eyes and surrender to me
Just remember today was the last that you'll ever see the sun
In Santa Carla

Hear the song of night tide
It's been ages since I felt this alive
At long last I've found you and it ends
The loneliness we feel that they could never understand

And in this land beyond the dusk
A consummation of unholy love
Between two children of the night
As all time dissolves into a crimson dream

Lyrics to What Happens? :
you're walking in the night - you walk alone
the shadows whisper your name...
a stranger beckons you, like none you've seen
you can't ignore his request as he whispers, "come to me..."

i want to show you what happens when we die...
you take a chance and then it's too late when you realize
i want to show you what happens when
i want to show you what's happening
i want to show you what happens when we die

time has come to see beyond now - reach out take my hand
something inside beckons you...
a shiver takes you - delicious thrill
tonight's our destiny, so come and let it be fulfilled

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