Monday, September 8, 2008

True Blood and Vampire Cupcakes

Anyone else out there have a True Blood premier party?

Last night me and a group of my friends got together to watch True Blood. I made those cute vampire cupcakes which ended up not being hard to make at all. I just used boxed cake mix and the wipped frosting in a can. They were a little messy, but they looked great.

Here’s mine:
The "blood" is actually more red and not as pink.
Here's the pic of the original cupcakes, when cut in half:
If you haven’t seen the first episode yet, I would definitely recommend you watch it (or at least read all of the books!). Beware – spoilers below!

I had already seen the original pilot show, which I reviewed here. I had heard that there were some improvements, so I had higher hopes for the premier episode. The show was actually better the second time I saw it, and there were some improvements: The vampire sex scene is toned down a little bit (not enough if you ask me), and the fight scene between Sookie and the “Rats” was changed a little bit too. Oh, and the fangs look a lot better than they were before! The fangs were these tiny little sharp stick things right in the front. I'm glad they altered them!

Now for the review: I've pretty much already reviewed the show, which I linked above. I will add my two cents though. I love the Charlaine Harris books, they are probably my favorite books. I enjoyed watching a show that is based off the books, but True Blood just isn’t as good as the books (which is usually the case). HBO thought it would be a great idea to really sex it up – which I could do without. The plot follows the book pretty well, but there are definitely some differences, mostly involving the character of Tara.

While it really doesn’t matter the color or ethnicity of Tara between the books or the movie, it matters to me that Tara was turned into a crazy witch in the show. In the books she is really not aggressive – in fact she is much more passive to the point of being walked on sometimes. I can understand why she plays a much bigger role in the show than the books, but I don’t see why the need to make her so abrasive.

I still enjoyed the show though, and I am definitely planning on watching it next week. I think that True Blood will get better the more you watch and the more the plot progresses. I also wanted to mention that we all thought Charlaine Harris was hilarious when we where watching the pre-show, show. Her little comments about this and that made us all laugh.
Now that the show has premiered, Bloodcopy is adding to the plot with an interview of Sheriff Dearborne and with Bill.

Interview with the Sheriff:

Interview with the Vampire Bill:

Vampire Rights Amendment Cartoon:

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