Friday, September 5, 2008

When Twilight Burns

Yesterday I finally got a hold of When Twilight Burns by Colleen Gleason. When Twilight Burns is book 4 of the Gardella Vampire Chronicles. Victoria is a vampire hunter in the 1800’s and although I tend to like the books where the vampires are more sympathetic (and sexy) I still enjoy this series.

Victoria is one of the last vampire hunters in the Gardella line. She has returned to London and is faced with several challenges. There seems to be vampires who can attack during the day, Lilith may have returned to London, her mother wants her to enter back into the ton and find another handsome and rich husband, and that's only mentioning a few problems Victoria has to deal with.

Victoria also must think about how to further the Gardella line, when she is the last one left. To complicate matters even more, she must decide if she loves Sebastian – the mysterious, sexy, and adventurous man who Victoria is definitly physically attracted to, but she is not sure she trust (he gets my vote); or Max, the stubborn, honorable man whose kiss she can’t forget. Her love life may be complicated, but Victoria must also deal with her loneliness, duty, and the dangerous effects of Beauregard’s attack on her in Italy.

WTB is packed full of action and adventure, with a little bit of romance (which I will comment on later). Book four of the series, however, shows more depth into Victoria’s challenges as the last of the Gardella line and the impact her duty is taking on her. There is a classic battle of good vs. evil raging not only outside of Victoria, but inside her as well. Victoria is faced with more complications and harder choices as she grows into her role as Illa Gardella, where she must choose duty over her own self-interests, or she may be lost to the world of evil.

I enjoyed this book; it was a big change from what I have been reading lately. I also am a fan of historical fiction. I was a little disappointed that the cover of the book looked like a competitor for Judge a Book’s Phallic Phridays. It was in the Romance section of Borders, amidst the bodice rippers, yet there was really only one sex scene and it didn’t go into great detail of anyone’s member. The scene was done a bit more classy then what you usually read. The romance scenes in WTB was mostly kissing. I think if it wasn’t for the cover, it would fit better into the general fiction category rather than the “romance section” but that’s just my opinion.

I would defitinetly recommend the Gardella Vampire Chronicles and I look forward to number 5 – When Shadows Fade, which comes out March 2009.

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