Monday, July 21, 2008

My Monday is in Need of Some Hunky Men...

Soooo I present to you some of the favorite vampires of movies and tv...

How could you not love Lost Boys? The 80's hair might bring the sex appeal down a bit, but I still love the movie and especially Keiffer Southerland. There is a sequal coming out at the end of this month - straight to DVD... I think I will still check it out, even if the trailor looks like a modern version of the original.

My favorite vampire of all time might go to Buffy's Angel star David Boreanaz though: my first big celeb crush. In middle school my room was literally plastered with pictures of this guy:

Deacon Frost (Stephan Dorf) is a pretty hunky vamp in Blade

I found that Lestat played by Stewart Townsend was a lot sexier than Tom Cruise


Brad Pitt was pretty sexy as Louis: (I thought he was sexier in Troy though)

Let's not forget my favorite vamps from books (I definitely prefer hunky book guys to tv/film guys, even if I do try and stay away from those bodice ripping, throbbing member romances).

Top guy: Eric Northman of the Sookie Stackhouse series - Hunky Viking Vamp
Kisten of the Rachel Morgan Series
I'm finding Christian of the Dark Ones Series quite hilarious
I prefer tall dark and handsome vamp cousin to Oswald From Happy Hour at Casa Dracula
I also was a fan of Asher and Jean Claud from the Anita Blake series until the books became bad porn.

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