Tuesday, July 15, 2008

FYI - Don't waste your time

crappiest movie ever.
This is one of the worst movies I have ever seen/tried to watch.
Yes... I am sure everyone could tell my just looking at the box, but I was in the mood for a vampire movie and everthing was out, so I risked it.

I couldn't even sit through half of it. I watched about 10 minutes of it... then watched it on fast forward for about 5 minutes and just had to turn it off. Don't pay money or waste your time to see someone's bad home movie.

If you are trying to watch the worst movies ever made then here is the link to buy. If you are on this kick may I suggest Jesus Christ the Vampire Hunter. I haven't seen it myself, but I am sure it belongs on the list of horrible movies; the title says a lot, but I hear the only person who can help Jesus defeat the creatures of the night is a Mexican wrestler... there you go.

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