Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sex and the Single Vampire

Don't get too excited about the title, this is a book review. Katie Macalister does another great job with Sex and the Single Vampire, part 2 of the Dark Ones Series, follow up to A Girl's Guide to Vampires. Book 2 is focused on Allie, a summoner desperately trying to raise at least one ghost in London to save her job back in California. Allie is strong minded and stubborn. She has survivied an abusive husband and never wants a man to be in control of her again. She has some odd talents and strange characteristics that freak people out.

Allie is doing someone a favor by going to a book signing of the vampire romance author CJ Dante. Joy and Roxy from book 1 are there to make sure Christian (CJ Dante) finds his true beloved... could it be Allie? The rest of the book is full of funny ghosts, evil people, lots of action, and loveable characters.

Sex and the Single Vampire is absolutely hilarious, even if the author did mention "erotic impalement" during a sex scene. While I try to stay away from the "bodice ripping, member throbbing" type romance books, I didn't want to put this one down. SSV has the romance but it still has substance too. Did I mention it was hilarious? I literally laughed at loud more than a couple of times. I even had my cackle going.

The storyline is a little cheesy though. Christian is a Morovian, a Dark One, a "vampire." In order for his soul to be saved he must meet his Beloved (with a capital "B") and accomplish a few tasks, which he writes all about in his own vampire romances. Here's the 7 steps of joining:

Dark One marks the heroine as his own
Dark One protects heroine from afar
Dark One conducts the first exchange of bodily fluids (usually a steamy kiss)
Dark One entrusts the heroine with his life by giving her the means to destroy him
Second exchange of fluids (usually sexual in nature)
Dark One seeks heroine’s assistance to overcome his darker self
Exchange of lifeblood: the heroine redeems his dark soul by offering herself as a sacrifice so he can live

So you can see how the cheese factor might be a little high. Regardless, I thought the books were fun and funny. The characters are great and the plot has a lot of action. I would definitely recommend it.

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