Thursday, July 31, 2008

Blood Noir

I finished Blood Noir (Anita Blake book 16) by Laurell K Hamilton Thursday. The book was actually better than I expected (not saying it was good), but I also had very low expectations.

Anita agrees to go with Jason back to his home town to prove to his dying father that he isn't gay. Unfortunately, the rich politician's twin sons look exactly like Jason. This causes all sort of problems because one of the sons is suppose to be getting married and the press are having a field day. There is also some more drama with Marmee Noir and the some of the other men in Anita's life.

The first chapter I thought was horrible writing. The second through fourth chapters were an extended sex scene where Nathaniel held Anita down while Jason had his way with her then Nathaniel handcuffed her and had his way with Anita as well. I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to get through the book if the this was how the rest of it was going to play out. But maybe Hamilton has either gotten all the cheesy sex out of the way or she is finally listening to her old fans, because the rest of the book had only one other sex scene in detail and the 2 day orgy was glossed over! I was suprised but not disapointed that I didn't have to read the nasty details of several men, animals, and who knows what have their way with Anita and vice-versa.

I thought the plot of 2 other men looking EXACTLY like Jason was kind of lame. Jason hasn't been back in town for years, even identical twins look different as they grow up and go through different experiences and develope different tastes and styles. Jason isn't even an identicle twin to the other guys.

Micah is barely mentioned, Nathaniel only takes part in the first few chapters, and Jean-Claude is mentioned on and off throughout, but he doesn't play a large role. There is a scene where Richard is present, but this book is mostly about Anita and Jason. Richard still acts psycho, and of course, Anita is all-powerful, ever developing more skills, powers, and "impossible" characteristics. At the rate she is going, within the next book or 2 (or 3) maybe she will even become a God. Afterall, nothing can defeat Anita Blake. Only for she is the impossible possible.


Wicked said...

I believe it was either the 2nd or 4th page where I stopped reading Blood Noir.

I had decided to get it from the library, and after waiting 288 in the queue, i handed it back after only 2 pages.

Good to know it got better after the first chapter. (Better, not great)

Mayhaps eventually I'll read it again.

purplegirl said...

You kind of summed up my feelings about it in your first paragraph--it was better than I expected. My jaw about hit the floor when she skipped all the crazy beastie sex!

You can totally tell it was supposed to be a Micah-like novella, though, and I think it would've been better off left that way. I'm really curious about Skin Trade, I think it could possibly get a lot better after this .... or not. Depends on if the ardeur was transferred to Richard or just shared!