Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tru Blood and if Vampires Announced They Were Among Us

Since I have been slacking on reading, I thought I would expand on my last entry about the Trueblood series coming out. I saw the Tru Blood commercials on BloodCopy and I think they are great. Also, Trueblood is a family name of mine... so it was meant to be!

Design Haus' blog also posts pictures of the advertisements around New York

So a question that has been fluttering around the various sites linked to Trueblood is "If Vampires announced their existance to the world, how would you react and what would happen?"

I am sure you have the vampire loving group that will automatically jump for joy and think they will become fang bangers. TO be honest, if there was a vampire like Eric from the Sookie Sackhouse Series then I might consider joining that group too. But if you really think about it, even if vampires did exist, it probably would never work out for them to go public.

If you have the somewhat cliche vampire, they are dangerous. Even if they could live off of "tru blood" they would still possess super strength, "hypnotic abilities", and be above the law. People can be controlled... I doubt vampires could be. Sure some of them might be "good" and want to "mainstream," but those that do not desire to do so could cause a lot of harm.

You also have the religious fanatics who would be on a hunt to rid "the evil" from the world. Religious fanatics who actually have a good reason to be afraid would probably be unbearable. Any murder would be vampire suspect. The criminal justice system would have to be revamped (no pun intended), and scared people do stupid things sometimes. Mix in ignorance and fear and what do you get? A breeding ground for racism.

Taking away the fact that the government would have an incredibly hard time controlling and tracking vampires (how do you make a vampire pay taxes? Not commit crime?) there would be another type of hunt: researches would have a field day! I love research, I think we should be doing research, but where would the line be drawn when researching a vampire? It would be great to hear stories about the history of the world, and history as we know it might change, languages might be saved and recorder (that would be awesome), but what about medical testing? Would there be illegal medical testing on vampires? Probably. If I was the government I would probably try and get my hands on some type of formula to give my soldiers super strength, or find the cure for eternal youth. There is plenty of money to be used to have corrupt research done.

If I was a vampire, I doubt I would support a world wide "coming out" party. Maybe a gradual immersion.... (IE befriending humans for years before coming out the coffin) but I don't think it could work very well.

Note: I just noticed I put an annoyingly amount of quotations into this entry.

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