Monday, August 4, 2008

Movies, Books, Links, Etc.

I’ve been slacking: I haven’t been to work (sick hours – use’em before you lose’em) and I was too busy this weekend to do anything like read.

Lost Boys: The Tribe came out last week. I was quite disappointed when I went to the local blockbuster to find that they were all gone! I was quite surprised that they there were all checked out, so I have to delay on my review of the cult-classic sequel.

Did I mention I had no time for reading this weekend? I did start reading the first 3 pages of Red Death The first book in the Jonathan Barrett - Gentlemen Vampire Series. I’m not sure yet if I will enjoy the book or not, either way the cover art is horrible. Look how his little fangs rest upon his lower lip...that looks awkward.


I did make a lovely discovery; Halloween is on a Friday this year! I hope one of the clubs around here will have a big costume party; that would be super.

I was never a big Myspacer – when I joined I felt like I had given up a piece of my soul. That was a while now, and I have become practically addicted to the game Mobsters. Now they have a Vampire game that I have started playing… I think it’s a lot of fun. If you have myspace, you should play. It’s not that exciting, but I still think its fun. You earn blood to pay for abilities and other stuff, you do missions with how much energy you have, and you can kill and fight people.

Anyone read the 4th Twilight Book? While I didn’t, I did find the spoilers and reviews quite amusing. Maybe I will read it after all. It looks like a lot of fans were quite disappointed. It seems like young girls shouldn’t read this book either.
Spoilers – this thread Breaking Dawn – WTF? is awesome. Just reading it, I’m like “WTF?” Maybe I won’t read the book.

I know this a last week, but if you don't already know, this fella is playing Eric Northman in the Sookie Sackhouse TV Series True Blood. And if you don't already know, I'm all team Eric.


I will have to see him in action to judge if he is the Eric of my dreams or not... opinions?

Take the Sookie Stackhouse Quiz! Do you know the books?

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