Thursday, October 29, 2009

Extra! Extra! Vampire Author Almost Faints at the Sight of Blood!

A big thanks to today's guest blogger!
Mayra Calvani is the author of 10 books for children and adults. Her vampire novel, Embraced by the Shadows, is available from Twilight Times Books. Visit her website here. Mayra’s dog, Amigo, has his own blog at

I’d like to share with you an ironically funny incident that happened to me two weeks ago. My tale involves vampires, a vet, and a golden retriever with an abscess on his head…

Since we bought our beloved golden retriever, Amigo, on February of last year, he had a small ‘ball’ on top of his head, close to the left ear. Dr. van Ketts, the vet, wasn’t sure what it was, so she said to wait and observe if it got any bigger. After all, he didn’t seem to have any pain at all. Well, as Amigo grew, the thing grew with him, so last week we finally decided to remove it. We went to the vet’s office early. She’d told me I could stay with Amigo during the whole procedure, so I was both glad and anxious. Though I trust this vet 100%, I’m always scared of the words ‘total anaesthesia.’ But anyway, to make the story short: while she prepared to sedate him, she asked me if I was afraid of blood and if I would be able to handle the operation. I said: “Are you kidding? I write vampire fiction!” I was so sure of myself, so cocky… that is, until she began cutting with the scalpel and all the blood—Amigo’s blood—started to flow. After a few minutes, as I held and gently stroke his stomach, I began to feel a soft whistling in my ears, followed by a tingling sensation along my legs, arms, and back of my head. My breath became short. The assistant told me, “You don’t look too good. Do you want to sit down?”

Yep, you bet. I sat down, leaned over, and brought my head between my knees (I’d read this was good in this kind of situation). The feeling of malaise gradually passed and I was able to join the operation once again—though by now it was practically over. Of course, this time I had the decency to look humble.

Dr. van Ketts put the small ball of flesh on a metal tray and cut it open with her scalpel. And do you know what came out of it? A lot of long blonde hair! It had been growing there since Amigo was a fetus. Weird stuff.

But what kind of vampire author am I, who almost faints at the sight of blood? Tsk, tsk, tsk… a total disgrace.


E.J. Stevens said...

This headline made me laugh and I had to find out more! :)
Glad to hear that Amigo was fine and the bump wasn't anything serious. Also glad to hear that I'm not the only vampire/paranormal author who faints at the sight of blood, LOL!

Anthony Hogg said...

Ok, confession time.

I'm not a big fan of blood tests.

It's not the blood itself that gets me (hell, blood red is my favourite colour), it's the anticipation.

The thought of the needle piercing my skin. Ugh. I don't even look at it. I just wait for it to be over.

But, I'm not alone in this.

Alice Cooper recently admitted on an episode of one of our variety shows, Rove, that he was also afraid of needles.

So, take heart, Lindsay! You're not alone!

As a side note, it might not have been the blood you were scared of, but that the operation was being done on a loved one, i.e. your dog.

Not that I recommend you testing out your phobia by other means!

elnice said...

LOL funny post. Blood makes me woosy too!