Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Remember Me

Genella deGrey is our special guest blogger for today! Below is an excerpt from her vampire book Remember Me. Thanks Genella!

Something was dreadfully wrong. There were awful sounds coming from the direction in which he was headed. He rushed forward only to stop short in the center of the room.

Vlad turned observed him there. “Ah, Dacious, I am glad you could join us,” he smirked, wiping his bloody lips down his naked forearm.

A handful of vampires, including Vald, were detaching themselves from a body that was chained to a wall. The long coppery hair on the victim was disheveled, and hung past her face down to her upper thighs. The puncture marks in her practically colorless flesh were fresh and raw, her arms were stretched so that her shoulders where contorted and out of joint.

Gemmah! The air in Dacious’s lungs didn’t seem sufficient while he gasped deeper for breath. Tears stung his eyes as he took in the ghastly sight.

My beautiful Gemmah.

He felt his insides constrict as he fought to remain upright. Greed and lust had cruelly ripped asunder a love that had taken thousands of years to come to fruition.

He felt himself shaking with violence when his gaze fell upon Erzebet, the director of this morbid tragedy. The overwhelming urge to destroy her and her entire court for taking his Gemmah from him caused his chest to tighten.

Dacious’s jaw clenched. Becoming the angel of death to these killers was his new objective. He would not sleep until every last vampire had been hunted down and wiped from the face of the earth. At almost the same moment he began to stager forward, Erzebet spoke.

“I have it within my power to restore her to you.” Erzebet’s words went unheard and he continued toward her, stalking her, clenching and unclenching his fists. “I said, Dacious, that I can bring her back.”

He shortened his steps, but continued forward. “I do not see how that is possible, Erzebet. The last time I checked, you had not been granted the ability to give life, only take it away. Nor has your generosity ever been so accommodating.”

“I can and I will, you have my word.”

“Oh, the word of a vampire, how reassuring,” he replied menacingly and lifted his hands reaching for her throat.

“Dacious, if you defeat me here, like this, how will you ever know for sure?”
He paused just inches from her windpipe. He glared down at her. “What is your price, Erzebet?”

“I want what I have always wanted from you. I want you to pleasure me. I want you naked and in my bed. I want your head between my legs. I want you to give me earth-shattering orgasms. I want to bathe in your seed.”

“Only you can take the beauty of lovemaking and turn it into a vile and repulsive act.”

“I do not care how you put it, as long as you pound me until I can no longer walk.”

“When you put it that way, it has its possibilities,” he bared his teeth in lieu of a smile.

“You agree to my terms, then?” Erzebet said, and licked her lips likely at his promise of violence.

“No. You have done nothing but confirm how much I loathe you.”

“How can I prove to you that I can bring her back?” she purred.

“One would presume that you could think of a way to do that.”

“Close your eyes.”

“Oh, I’m sorry, you and your minions have not earned my trust as of yet,” he shot at her with verbal sarcasm.

Erzebet clapped her hands twice. “Everyone, out of my sight.”

“But, my queen—” Vlad, still naked and blood-smeared, stepped forward raising his hands palm up in appeal.

She growled at him. “I said out.”

Everyone in the throne room scurried toward different outlets. She even shooed her hands at her maid, who had been sitting at her feet.

“Now, it is just you and I,” Erzebet said. “Close your eyes.”

In the blink of an eye, Dacious reached out and took hold of her wrists none too gently. “If you are not forthcoming, I shall pull your arms from their sockets.”

She winced. “You have my word.”

Dacious narrowed his eyes at her just before closing them. In his mind, he heard Gemmah’s voice. She was calling to him! With an audible intake of breath, he opened his eyes, dropped Erzebet’s hands and shouted at the deathly still figure on the wall, “Gemmah?”

Erzebet chuckled. “You see? I told you I have the power.”

At her words, he looked at Erzebet. “All I have to do is have relations with you—”

“And I will bring her back from the dead.” She smoothed a stray lock of hair behind her ear with a sweep of her hand and smiled at him in invitation.

Dacious again glanced doubtfully at Gemmah’s lifeless form.


elnice said...

Great clip, sounds like a good book!

Andrea said...

Loved the excerpt. I'll have to check out the book.

Glo said...

The book is great, if you haven't picked it up, you should.