Saturday, October 17, 2009

Saturday Halloween Costume Search

Halloween is fast approaching! Have you got your costume yet? If you are thinking about being a vampire, there are lots of cliche options out there for you - just do a Google Image Search and you will see - most of them are black and maroon in color, capes, short skirts, and sometimes high collars. If you aren't looking for anything specific, more often than not, if you are male, then you are going to wear black slacks, white shirt, and a black and red cape... don't forget to slick your hair back, apply some white make-up and wear some fangs.

Here are some ideas for males:
Go as a specific vampire character - how about David from The Lost Boys? or spoof Edward from Twilight - just wear a brooding look all night, mess up your hair and apply some glitter and fangs.
Or how about Count Chocula? You can even eat the cereal all night to keep up with appearances.

And if you are female, well, add some fishnets, a corset, and some fangs and you have yourself a vampire... you can pretty much slut-up and goth-ify any costume and just add fangs and you are a vampire. Although this costume still fits those categories, it's a little different than the usual. Looking around I also found a bad photoshop job turned different vamp costume - the vampire Marilyn Monroe. Us girls, I think we have it easier than the guys for vamp costumes - we can really choose any costume, show some skin and wear some fangs and we are a vampire. I know I am guilty of wearing the above mentioned attire and slapping on some fangs.

For those of you who have, or planned to wear the vamp fangs - what costume did you, or have you gone with?

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ddurance said...

I've worn both floor-length black and red velvet as a vampire, but you know these days, practically anything would do. Dontcha think? lol