Thursday, October 15, 2009

Special Guest: Roxanne Rhoads

Today's special guest is Roxanne Rhoads of Fang-tastic Books - and she even comes with a special treat!

Thanks Roxanne!

The Appeal of Darkness

By Roxanne Rhoads

Why are we drawn to the paranormal? Perhaps because it is the Other, it is the great unknown. The lure of the darkness that resides inside us all.

Are Others real? Are there really paranormal creatures that exist?

Who knows, but some of us sure like to believe.

Maybe we just need an escape from the everyday existence that has become so…ordinary. In today’s world people want to stand out and be noticed or at least experience something that is different. Perhaps that’s why so many of us turn to the world of the supernatural for an escape from the everyday.

Wouldn’t it be great to have super powers? Or to be immortal? Super strong? Have mind control? Or just be super seductive and a fabulous lover (we can all dream right)?

Of all supernatural creatures, vampires seem to be the most seductive. People are drawn to the vampire more than any other creature of myth and fantasy. Vampires grace the pages of books and appear on the movie and television screen over and over again, each new vampire a source of amusement and desire to us. But why? What is the everlasting attraction of the vampire?

Before the 19th century vampires were just mindless monsters, myths and legends that were horrible and frightening, not sexy, not desirable. Literature changed all that.

Consider this description from the introduction of Blood Read: The Vampire as Metaphor in Contemporary Culture written by Joan Gordon and Veronica Hollinger.

[The vampire is] “an ambiguously coded figure, a source of erotic anxiety and corrupt desire, the literary vampire is one of the most powerful archetypes bequeathed to us from the imagination of the nineteenth century.

Vampires were turned into seductive and inherently sexy creatures that we just haven’t been able to get enough of. The unknown allure is there, evil has become sexy, darkness is beautiful. Once the monsters of myth and legend were shunned for their differences but today we embrace them because they are different, because they are Other.

Our modern society is full of disquiet, pain, suffering, depression, things that spiral out of control-real monsters and horrors face us every day on the news.

In entertainment we want monsters that we can control, monsters…Others that are appealing in their difference and offer us an escape. The vampire offers us all that and more.

I love many creatures of the Other world but the vampire is my first love and will always hold the top spot in my monster loving heart.

In my fiction, the characters are more often than not Others, with a vampire playing either the hero or the heroine of the story.

In my latest release, Eternal Desire, you’ll find a seductive vampire who chooses to hide in the shadows and stay on the sidelines of his human’s life. But while he’s biding his time she’s falling for someone else. Set in New Orleans during Halloween,Eternal Desire is an erotic paranormal story about LizBeth, a paranormal researcher, and her elusive vampire, Quillon, who seems content to hide in the shadows of her dreams but never comes to her in the flesh.

Want to know more about me and my fascination with Others? Drop by Fang-tastic Books to learn about the books I love and what I write.

Eternal Desire is Roxanne's new book!

Liz Beth, a paranormal researcher, is haunted by the seductive vampire, Quillon, who may or may not be real. She arrives in New Orleans the week of Halloween to search for the elusive vampire of her dreams and instead encounters a handsome stranger, Christien, with whom she begins a passionate affair with.

Soon she is torn between her dream lover and a flesh and blood man, both of whom are a mystery to her. The closer it gets to Halloween the wilder things become. LizBeth gets closer to the truth about Quillon while Christien has her under his own spell.

Will all be revealed at the Vampyre Ball or will the masks stay in place?

In New Orleans at Halloween anything is possible.

For more information and to purchase, click here.

Here's a part of an amazing review by Kiki Howell:

After reading Eternal Desire, I would have to call Roxanne Rhoads a master of words. Each sentence flowed into another with a nice blend of old elegance and contemporary style which I think is important in this type of paranormal writing to best blend the modern day setting with the ghosts and vampires of another time. I have to give you an example from the beginning of the story, “a shadowy figure in my dreams, whispering of longings and ancient secrets. I never saw his face, but his voice lingered in my soul. He was an invisible guardian, calling to me…”


s7anna said...

Hi Roxanne,
Hmm...this is a toughie!!! I would have to say that the sexiest literary vampire is Cade McKinnon from The Forever Kiss by Angela Knight.

Happy Reading!!!
Anna Shah Hoque

joder said...

For me, any of JR Ward's BDB hotties are sexy. But if I have to pick one of them I'll take Qhuinn. All those tats, the rock-hard abs, and the unhappy youth make me just want to hug him (among other things).

joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

sweetsummer said...

There are so many! On ethat sticks out in my mind is Vayl from Jaz parks series because he is handsome, sensitive and skilled!

and I loved the short story on her blog from his was adorable!

Cathy M said...

Great picks so far. Mine would be Jean-Claude from the Anita Blake series.


Rosie said...

Eric from the Sookie Stackhouse books. He's yummy!

Lindsay said...

Rosie - I will have to agree! I don't usually go for blonds, but I do love Eric! I think he is probably my favorite!

Linda Henderson said...

I like Ryder from Caridad Pineiro's The Calling series. He is really hot.

Amy1225 said...

Z from JR Ward's BDB series.


Alicia0605 said...

I think Kisten from The Hollows seires is so sexy!!


Lindsay said...

ooohhh I LOVE Kisten!!!!!

Roxanne Rhoads said...

I love Bones from Jeaniene Frost's series, so hawt!

And I can never pick one fave from Anita Blake's man harem. Every book makes me gaga over a different guy. Though Jean Claude is one of the top in the line.

How could I forget the brothers from JR Ward's BDB, OMG hawtest vamps ever.

I think my favorite of the Brothers is a tie between V and Butch or maybe a V/Butch sandwich with me in the middle. Hmmm.

booklover0226 said...

I have to agree with many of your posts, especially with my favorite, Z and Wrath, of the BDB and JC.

But I think my most favorite is from D.N. Simmons' Desires Unleashed..Darian and Xavier. DROOL CITY!

Tracey D
booklover0226 AT gmail DOT com