Monday, October 19, 2009

Haunts Around Town

First, I will say that I am super excited that I won Blood Ties: Season Two from Vampire Wire.

Speaking of Vampire Wire, Marta Acosta interviewed one of my favorites: Jennifer Rardin.
Jennifer Rardin just released Bite Marks - Book 6 of the Jaz Parks Series.

This weekend many of you wanted more vampire myth! And it just so happens, some of my guest bloggers have been digging into non-fiction vampire books.
Visit Magia Posthuma to read about what books he bought will traveling Europe:

I bought a couple of books while in London. One of them being Theresa Cheung's voluminous The Element Encyclopedia of Vampires: An A-Z of the Undead (Harper Element, 2009) 'dedicated to the memory of Montague Summers'.

Diary of an Amateur Vampirologist has been adding a handful of books on his wishlist that might interest you too!

...some books on Amazon that I've got my eye on.

Last night, a few more captured my attention.

It looks like Paul Barber's coming out with a new edition of one of the best ever books on vampires, Vampires, Burial, and Death: Folklore and Reality (1988). At least, I hope it's a new edition. The item's description only alludes to a "New Introduction".

Be sure to tune in Tuesday for Suburban Vampire guest blog!

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ddurance said...

Congrats on your Blood Ties win! I'm positively green with envy.