Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Morning Comics

And when I say "comic" I mean it in the broadest sense... which is why today I am reviewing Roman Dirge's Lenore: Noogies.

Lenore is a sweet little girl who has died. And now she is not so sweet anymore.

Noogies is a compilation of the original first four Lenore issues. Roman Dirge has painted painted a demented, disturbing world, now available in full color.

While Lenore isn't necessarily a vampire, there are vampire elements throughout, and even a lovely story about a cursed vampire named Ragamuffin.

If you like demented visuals and story lines, this is something right up your alley! I think my brother might enjoy this quite a bit. Some of the stories are pretty funny, most of them at least a little bit disturbing.

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ddurance said...

Why yes I do like demented visuals and story lines! lol