Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Circus of the Damned - More Old Anita

Yesterday I finished Circus of the Damned, Laurell K Hamillton's 3rd Anita Blake Book. I really don’t remember the beginnings of Anita Blake. I am glad I have started re-reading them.

Looking back, some things are still the same and some things are quite different. Anita is still stubborn and blunt, and she never likes to feel weak or threatened. The old Anita though, happens to get rescued a lot by other people. She usually isn’t responsible for saving every single thing.

I enjoy the old Anita Blake books; they are pretty original, have some funny characters, interesting plots, and some action… they don’t have any romance in them just yet, but towards the end of book 3, the romance seems to be blossoming.

I do have to try and not pay attention to what she is wearing though. The black shorts or pants, with black Nikes, taller socks, a polo and/or huge shirt, and the “sports pack” (aka fanny pack), just don’t do it for me. I am cutting her some slack though, since the books were published mid-95.

I am confused though, when Anita says she will never have slender thighs and non-muscular calves… she is 5’3 and 106 pounds! She is practically anorexic. She also goes on about how short she is… 5’3 is not that short. I’m about that height and it’s not too bad. Isn’t the average height for a female 5’3? Also, 106 pounds, 5’3… what size dress do you think she would wear? Definitely not a 7! She says she’s “too busty for a 5.” I don’t think 106 pound, 63 inch women would fit in a size 5 with or without boobs. Maybe I’m wrong though. Did sizes in the 90’s use to be different? Aren’t ladies even numbers and teenager clothing in odd numbers?

While I enjoy the books, I really don’t think the writing is that great. She will be going on fairly casual then all of a sudden LKH will try and add this really illustrative paragraph that just doesn’t fit. My mom also commented that she is tired of her saying “she could taste it in the back of her throat” and other descriptions for smells that she uses over and over again. She also doesn’t care for the “ugh” and “wow” and other expletives at the end of many paragraphs. I’m not sure how I feel about it.

If you haven’t read it, or don’t remember it, here is the basic summary:

Some master vamp has gone rogue and there is a group of vamps killing people and leaving them dead in public places. A new animator is hired who wants to be a vampire hunter, and Jean-Claude still wants Anita to be his human servant.

There are several people hunting down Anita for the name and resting place of Jean Claude, since many people don’t know who the master of the city is, and many want him dead. She has to make decisions on which vampire to trust more (because she doesn’t trust any of them).

This books we meet the werewolves Stephan and Richard. At the end of the book Anita has to make amends that maybe Lycanthropes aren’t monsters.
More cover art: I am tending to like Hungary's coverart version... this one is a little provocative... not sure why. There hasn't been in sex in the books yet.


Here's the classic 90's version on the book in it's full glory of horrible scienfiction style coverart:

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