Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Laughing Corpse Anita Blake Book 2

I've missed the old Anita Blake books. I forgot how entertaining they can be (even without the animal orgies!).

Anita Blake has a lot on her plate in The Laughing Corpse: there's a psychotic zombie who is murdering families, a powerful priestess of voodoo is out to get her, a rich evil man is set on Anita doing him a favor, and Jean-Claude is trying to convince her to be his human servant. Anita doesn't get much sleep this time around.

Laurell K. Hamilton does a great job holding your attention as Anita gets herself into all kinds of trouble and has to face all sorts of demons. Anita is still as stubborn and Strong-willed as ever. Anita also holds true to her faith and values throughout the book. She still lives in a black and white world, but it's starting to turn a little gray around the edges. She believes human life is precious, but she also kills those who are trying to harm her.

There is a lot of gore in this book, but no gratuitous sex. I'm not saying I'm against sex in books, but it's nice to read a LKH book without having to read through pages and pages of orgies, bondage, and bodily fluids. The Laughing Corpse is quite gory though, as is most of the Anita Blake books.

Again, I am fond of the book cover art from Hungary: Photobucket

I also find the cover art for the Turkish version atrocious: Photobucket

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