Friday, August 15, 2008

It's Friday! Videos, Links, and Fun Stuff

It’s Friday! The week has gone by pretty quickly… I’ve been pretty busy with work, wedding stuff, and I went to the Warped Tour! I will post pictures soon. Since it’s Friday, I thought I would add something fun.

I think Stewart Townsend is one the sexiest vampires. Here is a picture and the music video from Queen of the Damned (Jonathon Davis of Korn is singing).


Check out this Vampire Music Playlist.

Etsy Seller EsmeArt has a great Lego and Vampire Print for sale:

While not exactly "vampire" art, BellatrixArt has some great pieces. Check it out!

I also just found out from Vampire Wire that Colin Firth will be in the Dorian Gray movie!

I love Colin Firth and I love The Picture of Dorian Gray and Oscar Wilde. Coincidentally, Stewart Townsend also played Dorian Gray in The League of Extraordinary Gentleman.

Some people say that Dorian Gray is a vampire: he sells his soul to become beautiful forever; never aging and never growing old. Read the book, it’s great. Oscar Wilde is quite brilliant and his quotes are always great.

I have lot of plans for the weekend, but I am hoping to have some new book reviews Monday!

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Jackie Ballway said...

That's funny...Stuart Townshend is by far one of the hottest men EVER, and he played my son's namesake. That's just weird.