Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun for Friday

Because it's Friday, and I am quite bored sitting at my desk at work, here are some fun links for your Friday.

Entries of note from my blogroll:
Judge a Book recently judged some of the Anita Blake Books.
Magia Posthuma explains why he is researching the historical context of the 17th and 18th century vampires scares. I love research and it's really quite fascinating.
Revenant Ones does a lot of vampire movie reviews.
The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire has old movie clips, news, stories, and more.
Vampirewire has a link to another vampire recipe - Vampie!

Links and Videos:
Black Pheonix Alchemy Lab has some unique scents and products. I just ordered samples of Blood Kiss and Dorian and a few others. There are hundreds of crazy and unique scents.

How to make your own vampire fangs:

A whole bunch of Vampire Links

Funny Vampire Quotes and t-shirts

Anti-vamp? Here's a vampire slaying kit.

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