Thursday, August 21, 2008

Sex, Lies, and Vampires

Sex, Lies, and Vampires is number 3 in the Dark Ones Series by Katie MacAlister.

Here's an Excerpt:

Take a flawed charmer named Nell, add a cursed Dark One called the Betrayer who has sold his own kind for centuries to a demon lord, and throw them together in a desperate attempt to save an innocent child...while along the way unentangling themselves from a Welsh knocker named Gigli who runs a house of ill repute for poltergeists, avoiding death by a revenge-minded vampire, and trying to convince a group of mummies that dead really does mean forever.

If you don't remember - here are the steps of "joining the beloved with the dark one"
Dark One marks the heroine as his own
Dark One protects heroine from afar
Dark One conducts the first exchange of bodily fluids (usually a steamy kiss)
Dark One entrusts the heroine with his life by giving her the means to destroy him
Second exchange of fluids (usually sexual in nature)
Dark One seeks heroine’s assistance to overcome his darker self
Exchange of lifeblood: the heroine redeems his dark soul by offering herself as a sacrifice so he can live

Even if these books are a little to "romancey" for me, I have enjoyed the humor in them. Unfortunately, number 3 doesn't seem to be much different than the other books in the series. Here is the basic outline of all 3 of the books so far:

Girl travels
Girl meets Boy
Love and Denial
Some danger
Steamy sex
More danger
Love love love
Happy Ending
Steamy Sex

There is also some humor, a little bit of paranormal things, and some more sex sprinkled here and there. The heroines are funny, but the books really don't differ from each other.

I also want to complain a little bit about the cover art:

Books 1-3 (bottom 3) seem to go with each other - the artwork goes together fairly well. Then you have the next 4 - Just One Sip is kind of cute (it's a group of short stories with different authors), but the rest look like horrible romances. I'm probably over-critical of coverart, but I like it when the all coordinate!

Zen and the Art of the Vampire - Book 6 - is coming out December 2nd.

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