Friday, August 15, 2008

Lunatic Cafe and Bloody Bones

More old Anita Blake: In Lunatic Cafe we are finally introduced to Raina, Marcus, Jason, and a swan prince. Anita is still with Richard, although she is having to come to terms with the fact that he is a werewolf and she has always been against the monsters.

She must decide if she wants to spend the rest of her life with Richard, even if he is a monster. She also is asked by Marcus to help them find out who is killing off lycanthropes.

As with pretty much all Anita Blake books, her life is in danger, she is threatened and gets hurt, she is trigger happy, never goes anywhere unarmed, and she learns more and more about “monsters.”

We are also introduced to Anita’s sexual morals. She wants to wait until marriage, so Richard asks her to marry him… but will she say yes? Especially after seeing what he is capable of? Oh how the tables turn further on in the series.

We also meet Gretchen, the vampire obsessed with Jean-Claude, and Jean-Claude finds out about Anita and Richard's "engagement." Jean-Claude will either kill Richard, or Anita must agree to date him so that he may have a chance to woo her.

Bloody Bones is the next book and Anita is sent to do a zombie raising only she is able to do… no one else is capable. While she is up in the mountains, preparing to raise the graveyard, there are odd murders going on.

She has Larry, her animator and vampire executioner trainee with her on the mission. Anita thinks there is a powerful vampire with a sword responsible for the murderers and she must allow Jean-Claude to help her.

Anita, Larry, Jean-Claude, and Jason must stop the murders and save themselves from the powerful vampires and the other creatures of the mountain.

Jean-Claude is finally getting some attention, while Monster Anita is starting to shine. Larry is starting to realize that Anita has few issues with killing people who get in her way.

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