Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Success! And Links...

Gardella Vampire Hunter Book 4 -When Twilight Burns came out yesterday... I am refraining from buying it because of I need to not spend money at the moment; shame shame. Check out Colleen Gleason's website and blog. You can even buy t-shirts.

I had a small victory yesterday. Yesterday my guy asked me for some books. I started handing him books he might like. After a few minutes he finally just said it - "do you have any vampire books?" I wished I would have remembered the exact words he said because he asked the question with such defeat. We have been dating for over 5 years and he has always made fun of me for loving (maybe obsessing) over vampire books and the like. I finally got him!

Check it out:

Magia Posthuma: "On several occasions, particularly on the periphery of the Habsburg Empire during the 17th and 18th centuries, dead people were suspected of being revenants or vampires, and consequently dug up and destroyed. Contemporary authors named this phenomenon Magia Posthuma. This blog is dedicated to understanding what happened and why."

Revenant Ones: Blog related to the BloodCopy site, but has much more to offer. This blog has all kinds of vampire movie clips and fun extras.

Urban Vamp: "Confessions of a modern day vampyre." I've mentioned her blog before; it includes information about modern day vampyrism and more. Plus I like her writing style.

Vampire Vineyards: They sell "vampire" wine, cola, energy drinks, and more. If they had a sparkling wine I might have bought it... I'm a sucker for sweet champagne (no pun intended).

Vampire Bear: A video advice column given by the vampire bear... lately it is how to learn Hebrew...

The Vampire Librarian: I haven't had a chance to look through his whole blog, but it looks great. I use to work in a library...

Blood and Shadow: "Everything one could want to learn about Vampires; from the blood drinking to the psychic vampires. Sanguines, myths, the horrors, the truths, et cetera. Give this a read, learn a bit about the topic, and enjoy this little slice of the more...regel side of the paranormal."

Vampire Tools: Originally in Portuguese, but offers a translator for different languages.

and Vampire Handmade stuff from Etsy.

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Marta said...

Ms. Lulubelle, thanks for visiting my Vampire Wire site and for mentioning my books! If you ever want to review them, email me and I'll send you copies.